When 29.10.2014

Mark Strong talks about his character Dr. Nasch in the new psychological thriller 'Before I Go To Sleep', also starring Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth. He also addresses recent rumours that he may join his friend Daniel Craig as the villain in the next Bond movie.

Strong admits that while he didn't research extensively into the world of neuro-psychology in order to get to know his character, he felt that the main theme was his relationship with Kidman's character. 'I tried to kind of immerse myself as much as I could in the stuff of Dr. Nasch's work, but the fact is, I think what's more important about the movie is the relationship between him and Christine, Nicole Kidman's character, as individuals, as humans, rather than the doctor-patient relationship', he reveals. 'Because in the movie he oversteps the boundary of that very, very specific relationship.' He also admits that rumours of his involvement in the next Bond film came about after he was spotted on vacation with Daniel Craig. 'Recently, we went on a walking tour together in the Atlas Mountains; we took some time off just to have some friend time, we hadn't seen each other for ages', he explains. 'We went walking together, someone took a picture, everybody's come to the conclusion that I must be the new bad guy in the new Bond movie.'


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