Mark Ronson has declared the Amy Winehouse biopic 'Back to Black' has "nailed" the late singer's sense of hunour.

The produced worked with Winehouse - who died in 2011 aged 27 - on her huge 2006 album 'Back To Black' and he's now weighed in on the film based on her life story - admitting he hasn't seen it but he read the script and thinks the writers have got it spot on.

Speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight' on the red carpet at the 96th Academy Awards, Ronson said: "I haven't seen the film [but] I read the script. I love the script and the way that it really got ... Amy was so funny and they really nailed her humour. I haven't seen the film yet."

He went on to praise actress Marisa Abela, who is playing Winehouse in the film. Ronson added: "She came to visit us in the studio where Amy and I recorded a lot of 'Back to Black'. She wanted to come and see it. She seems lovely."

'Back To Black' is directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson and features a script written by Matt Greenhalgh, focusing on the singer's rise to fame and the release of her Grammy Award-winning record.

It is described as "an unapologetic look at the woman behind the phenomenon and the tumultuous relationship at the centre of one of the most legendary albums of all time."

Marisa, 28, previously admitted she wanted to capture the singer's "essence" in the film.

Speaking at the Harper's Bazaar International Women's Day event in London earlier this month, Marisa said: "What we were interested in doing was bringing audiences back to who she was when she first captured everyone's imaginations, that moment where she really set the world on fire with her album 'Frank'.

"We wanted to get back to that place, who was she, at the centre of her own narrative? I wanted to capture the essence of her soul."

The actress continued: "When we look back on her narrative, we are somehow using other people to inform us on her story. Our film is really trying to take it back to how Amy felt, what Amy was thinking. And there is no judgement there. This is about putting Amy back in the driver's seat of her own story."

'Back to Black' is due for release on May 17.