Mark Ronson's daughter "went into a bit of a trance" when he played Billie Eilish to her.

The 48-year-old producer was busy working on the 'Barbie' soundtrack when he and wife Grace Gummer welcomed their first child - whose name they have kept private - into the world last year and the youngster has already shown she has a firm favourite of the songs.

He told People magazine: "My mom has a record player in the house, and we were listening to the vinyl. 'What Was I Made For?' came on, and you could tell — something about Billie’s voice and how bewitching that song is, she kind of went into a bit of a trance.

"I sent Billie a video, like, 'Look what you’re out here doing to these kids.' "

Mark also recalled his daughter hearing Ryan Gosling's 'I'm Just Ken' before the rest of the world after he took her with him to the recording studio.

He said: “She was born in the middle of making [the soundtrack].

“Her first time in a recording studio was when we were doing the final mix on ‘I’m Just Ken,’ and I was walking her back and forth, listening at a much more reasonable volume than I usually would be.”

Becoming a dad has changed the 'Uptown Funk' hitmaker's focus.

He said: "The most important thing is being around for her, so I've never had that — I mean, obviously with my wife too, I love her; I never want to be apart from her for more than a day if I don't have to be.

"I have to be away sometimes to go write music and do whatever I have to do. But it's like once you have the child too, it really truly does just become everything that is now the most important thing.

“My family is my anchor. For everything, they’re at the forethought of every single decision I make.”