Mark Owen will avoid playing certain Take That songs on his upcoming tour.

The 50-year-old pop star is set to embark on a solo tour of the UK - but Mark has warned fans that he won't perform two particular Take That songs.

Speaking to the BBC, Mark joked: "I couldn't play 'Sure', because I'd have to do the dance moves.

"It's the same thing with 'Pray'. As soon as I hear 'Pray', my arms go up to the side. They come together, the moves and the songs. So I couldn't do them."

Despite this, Mark insists he's perfectly comfortable performing Take That songs on a solo tour.

He explained: "There was a point in my career where I thought, oh, I can't do Take That songs [live]. But then, when I think about it, I'm like, I can, because I wrote on them. It's all right."

Mark moved to Los Angeles last year, and the pop star recently revealed that he's loved the "challenge" of relocating to the US.

The chart-topping singer - who has Elwood, 16, Willow, 13, and Fox, ten, with his wife Emma - doesn't have any regrets about making the switch.

He said: "I love that challenge of trying to find your way in a new place. That kind of excites me.

"I’ve been surfing for five years now. I go to the beach maybe once every week - but the big waves in Los Angeles leave me ­battered.

"I can get up on to the board, just not very gracefully, and not for very long."

Mark has also loved "going to a lot of gigs at the Hollywood Bowl".

He shared: "I’ve seen everyone - Tame Impala, Haim, The Black Eyed Peas ... That’s what made me really want to go up on stage again and to put that energy into a new record."