OLIVER! star Mark Lester has poured fresh doubt on allegations Michael Jackson was a drug addict - insisting the King of Pop hated needles.
Rumours have grown since Jackson's death from cardiac arrest last month (Jun09) that he was hooked on prescription pills and had regular shots of super-strength painkiller Demerol.
But his close pal Lester insists he is baffled by the allegations - and also rebuffs claims the star had an eating disorder.
He tells Britain's Hello! magazine, "Michael certainly wasn't anorexic when I last saw him. He was slim, probably about 11 stone (154 pounds). He always ate small meals when he was preparing for concerts. I never saw him take as much as an aspirin, so I'm suspicious about these reports of drug-taking and especially the administration and prescribing of these drugs.
"The whole circumstance of the truth regarding Michael's death seems veiled in mystery, to say the least. You wonder who is protecting whom and why.
"This is what I find so very mysterious - Michael hated needles. I gave him acupuncture twice, once for a sprained thumb and another time for a spider bite. He wouldn't have any osteopathy because he couldn't bear to hear the bones click."