Mark Knopfler wore a head band on stage so he wasn't blinded by sweat.

The Dire Straits frontman became renowned for his headgear during his career with the band, and revealed it became clear it was vital during their early shows when he couldn't see because he was perspiring so much.

He recalled: ''I used to sweat so much on stage in those days, it came off me in sheets. That's how the headband started. I literally couldn't see - the sweat would sting my eyes and I used to not be able to see my chords through my tears.''

As a result of his profuse sweating, one gig-goer called for the rocker to mop up his moisture, which is when he decided he would have to wear the loop of fabric around his forehead while on stage.

He continued: ''I remember one night at the Marquee [London music venue], there were sheets of sweat going out into the crowd, and this little fella stuck a note up, and I read it. It said, 'More liquid gumption, please.'''

The 65-year-old musician - who will release his ninth studio album on March 16 - added it was the group's difficult formative years which helped him to have such a successful career, as it made him realise what he wanted to achieve.

He explained to The Sunday Times newspaper: ''I used to hitchhike then, climbing up into lorry cabs with bags and guitars. There was snow everywhere, and I got put off in the middle of the country somewhere - in the Midlands, I think - on a slip road off the motorway. I'm standing up there, and there;s nobody. I can see 360 degrees for miles all around, and there's nothing moving, just the sun shining down on all this snow. And I remember getting a very clear idea of what I'd decided I was going to do with my life.''