Mark Hamill has revealed that he “doesn’t care” whether or not he makes a return to the Star Wars franchise, after Luke Skywalker was killed off at the end of The Last Jedi.

The question of whether Hamill’s iconic film character would be appearing in the upcoming ninth instalment of the Star Wars series has been consuming fan forums, with the possibility of Luke Skywalker returning as a kind of ‘Force Ghost’ being raised as a possibility.

Hamill himself remained tight-lipped about that prospect in an interview just a few weeks ago, but now he’s seemingly had a change of heart, telling ABC News this week that he’s lost interest in ever coming back to Star Wars, particularly after Harrison Ford’s Han Solo was killed off in The Force Awakens, as well as the death of co-star Carrie Fisher.

Mark HamillMark Hamill may never return to 'Star Wars'

“It really has tarnished my ability to enjoy it to its fullest,” Hamill said, regarding Fisher’s death in December 2016. “You were asking earlier, 'Are you gonna come back?' I don't care anymore, on that level. Because Han Solo is gone, Luke is gone.”

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In The Last Jedi, passed away at the end after using his energy to create an astral projection and distract the evil Kylo Ren while the Resistance escaped the First Order.

“You just can't get the band back together the way you wanted it to be, and it shouldn't be that way,” Hamill continued. “It is what it is. Rather than being sorry that we can't have more of her, I'm just grateful that we had the time with her that we did.”

Hamill seemed to display similar disgruntlement in an interview with Digital Spy last month, claiming that his character was merely used a plot device in The Last Jedi.

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