More than a million refugees have been caught up in the migrant crisis currently blighting Europe, and 49 per cent of that tally have fled the bloody war in Syria.

The fallout from the scandal has rocked politicians in countries including the U.K., France, Germany, Denmark, and Sweden, but The Fall frontman Smith has questioned why so many young Syrian men are joining the exodus instead of staying in their country to fight.

He also hinted humanity would have suffered a catastrophe had Britain not stood alone against Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany in 1940 before the U.S. entered World War II and tipped the balance in favour of the Allies.

Smith tells the U.K.'s Channel 4 News, "What I don't understand is why are all the men young? Why do they leave their wives and families at home? Two million fellas could beat any f**king army. What if my dad had f**king gone to Ireland... (and) my grandad - what if they'd gone to a neutral country like Ireland in 1940? What would happen then? Nobody seems to ask that question."