Marion Cotillard found it a ''relief'' being in lockdown.

The 'Inception' actress really enjoyed staying home during the coronavirus pandemic as she felt ''really connected to the rest of the world''.

She said: ''I found this period very interesting. For everybody to be locked down, and for time to stop, I found something of a relief. I felt really connected to the rest of the world, and I think many human beings felt that way. No FOMO [fear of missing out] any more! But I also had a lot of thoughts about the world, about what's going on socially and environmentally.''

And the 44-year-old actress recently visited Antarctica and admits she was ''disturbed'' to find out there were less penguins and more plastic there.

She added: ''It's definitely one of the most beautiful places I've seen in my life. It's almost untouched; its energy is really fed by the fact that you can't buy anything, you can't sell anything. But we saw a decreasing population of penguins, and plastics in a place where no man goes, so that was very disturbing. The whole trip, from pole to pole, was to try to open the public's eyes to what could happen if we don't set rules for these places.''

Meanwhile, Marion also opened up about her childhood, admitting she was ''just fascinated by her parents' life'' as they were both actors too.

She told Harper's Bazaar magazine: ''I was just fascinated by my parents' life. There was a lot of energy in the house, and then I started to have my own experience of acting. Right away I felt it was something that was really strong in me. The first time was in a summer camp. I did this play at the end, and I felt something that shook me. I was playing an old housekeeper and the reaction of the audience, people laughing, and then coming up to me afterwards ... That was the first time I felt it would be my life.''