Marion Cotillard has enjoyed hanging out with ''fun'' actress Jennifer Lawrence.

Both actresses have been muses for fashion house Dior and the 38-year-old beauty can't wait for their next meeting because they get along so well.

When asked by Stylist magazine who makes her laugh the most right now, Marion replied: ''Will Ferrell! My friends. I have very, very funny friends. They make me laugh because I laugh so hard. Oh and Jennifer Lawrence. Yeah, that's a good list.

''I have a Dior dinner, which I'm looking forward to because they're amazing, funny people. And Jennifer Lawrence will be there so I'm going to have a lot of fun.''

After filming the intense French language film, 'Two Days, One Night', the actress - who has three-year-old son Marcel with partner Guillaume Canet - is enjoying some downtime by honing her musicianship and unpacking after moving back to France following a hectic filming schedule that's taken her to both America and Scotland.

She shared: ''Time off is super, super tiny in my world. But I am off, I read, I watch documentaries. I try to play music and become a good musician, which is far away but I'm getting closer. I'm going to have to be just a musician before being a good one [laughs].

''Being in Paris after all those years, I'm seeing friends. It's marvellous to be able to reconnect and share everything they know and talk about the world. That's something I missed a lot; it's one of the things I enjoy most.''

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