Marion Cotillard doesn't wear perfume "every day".

The 45-year-old French actress - who is the face of Chanel No. 5 - says there is "no rule" when it comes to how often she wears a fragrance and some days she prefers to sniff the bottle for her own "personal pleasure" instead of spraying it on herself.

She said: “I have this relationship with fragrances and I don’t have a habit with them. I can wear it every day, and suddenly not wear any perfume for a certain period of time. At big events I always wear Chanel. But sometimes I don’t wear it, I just smell it for my personal pleasure. I don’t have a ritual that involves wearing perfume every day. Sometimes it will be for an important event and sometimes just for the pleasure of wearing it. There is no rule."

Asked if that's how perfume should be used, she replied: “I do not know. It is the way I like it, but I understand that for some people it is part of their routine like wearing a hat, a brooch or a certain type of clothing. There are people who put on makeup every day and they like it, they need it, others wear perfume every day. It’s the way people like things because it’s part of you. A perfume becomes a part of you."

The 'Inception' star also recalled the first time she smelled Chanel's iconic No.5 perfume as a teen.

Although she couldn't afford to buy it at the time, she always "knew" she'd use it in the future.

Marion told Grazia: “I remember the first time I smelled Chanel No.5 I loved it immediately, the scent, the bottle, I loved its uniqueness and knew that one day I would wear it. The first time I smelled it I was a teenager and it was a gift a friend gave my mum. At that time I couldn’t afford to buy it, but somehow I knew that one day I would use it."