Marina and the Diamonds will be ''very different'' on her next album.

The 29-year-old singer recently released her third studio album 'FROOT' but has already started thinking about her next release, which she says will feature completely different music because she always likes to have new sounds on her records.

She said: ''As an artist, to be challenged and stimulated is really important.

''Whatever I go on to do is going to be very different again. I have to have that because otherwise there's no point in me doing this. I don't want to recreate the same album. Even in terms of songwriting and production, you have to be progressing, otherwise I don't wanna do it anymore.''

The 'Primadonna' hitmaker - who previously released albums 'The Family Jewels' in 2010 and 'Electra Heart' in 2012 - explained although her latest release is her third LP, she feels it is the first collection of tracks which truly represents her.

She continued: ''I kind of see this as a starting point for me as a songwriter and an artist. This is the first album I've been properly represented in.''

Speaking about her future music, she added she wants to distance herself from pop music, although didn't hint at what genre she is looking to venture into.

Speaking in the April issue of DIY Magazine, she said: ''I wanna go on to do other things that are completely out of the mainstream - outside of pop.''