Review of Crown Jewels EP by Marina and the Diamonds

Review of Marina and the Diamonds EP Crown Jewels released through 679/Neon Gold.

Marina and the Diamonds Crown Jewels EP

The Crown Jewels EP is the second release from the London based Marina And The Diamonds. Marina is an eccentric singer/songwriter with Kate Bush esque vocals and The Diamonds, so she says on her MySpace, are her fans. The current wealth of upcoming British female singer/songwriter talent sees her lumped in the same category as La Roux and Little Boots etc, but instead of embracing the current synth-pop trend, Marina sticks to a more piano-based pop sound.

Lead song from the EP, I'm Not A Robot is a brilliant example of her clever analytical lyrics reminding us that we are in fact human and we do mess up now and again - we can all relate to that! It showcases her quirky almost elastic vocal range that captures you from the start; despite the comparisons to her contemporaries, it's obvious this girl is a bit different.

The beat of Seventeen is the closest she gets to synth-pop and despite it's upbeat tempo, Marina's darker lyrics still prevail 'she's got all the personality of a lemon truly sucked dry' she spits. Simplify, lives up to its name, slowing the pace and stripping the sound back to piano and vocals, although vocals like that are an instrument in themselves. And it's the honest, accessible lyrics and those vocals that really set her apart. Marina And The Diamonds is one to watch this year.

Rating: 7/10

Robyn Burrows

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