Marilyn Manson's new album 'Heaven Upside Down' is ''pretty f**king intense'', according to close friend Charlie Hunnam.

The 48-year-old singer - who is the lead singer in the self-titled band - has a good rapport with the 'King Arthur: Legend of the Sword' actor, and although the 37-year-old actor has admitted he doesn't know ''any'' of the rocker's songs, the artist has played him a track from his LP, which he thinks is ''very very good.''

Speaking about his pal and his compilation, Hunnam told NME magazine: ''I don't know any of his music.

''He's going to be so f**king mad. You know what? He was playing me his new album that hasn't been released yet and there was a track called 'We Know Where You Live' and it's a very, very good track.

''It's pretty f**king intense.''

Although the golden-haired hunk has openly admitted to not listening to Manson's - whose real name is Brian Hugh Warner - music, he has revealed they spend their time drinking alcohol together.

He said: ''Our relationship revolves around us sitting in each other's houses drinking gin. [but] he was an absinthe man who then retired the green stuff and is now drinking vodka, but I'm a gin man.''