Manson, who performed at Download Festival in n, England on Saturday (13June15), insisted he would never follow in the footsteps of metal legends Metallica, who headlined Glastonbury last year (14).

He tells Britain's Daily Star newspaper, "I'd never do that (Glastonbury) or anything mainstream for the sake of it. I never try to think about a fan-base, otherwise you become the waiter rather than the cook."

This year's (15) Glastonbury is set to be headlined by Foo Fighters, Kanye West and The Who. However, the Foo Fighters' set at the event appears to have been thrown into jeopardy after frontman Dave Grohl suffered a severe leg injury at a gig in Sweden on Friday (12Jun15), prompting the band to cancel a slew of gigs ahead of Glastonbury at the end of the month (Jun15).