Marilyn Manson's girlfriend Dita Von Teese has revealed the shock rocker is the perfect boyfriend - because of his gentlemanly manners.

The brunette beauty - a fetish model and burlesque star - says the ANTICHRIST SUPERSTAR is completely different to her previous rocker lover.

Dita says, "We were definitely friends first, but he wasn't my usual type.

"I used to date MIKE NESS, the singer with Social Distortion, so I was against the whole rock star thing. They're not very faithful or gentlemanly. I thought, 'Oh, here I go again.'

"But he turned out not to be that way, and he's the most genuine, loyal boyfriend I've ever had.

"I can't imagine being with anyone else. I feel like all the bad experiences I've had with men through my life were all worthwhile."

10/10/2003 19:06