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Marilyn Manson Fights Piracy By Releasing Album On Playstation 1 Discs

Marilyn Manson

American rock icon Marilyn Manson may have discovered a novel way of battling internet piracy of music. It has been revealed that he released his latest album on Playstation 1 discs, which are harder to copy.

Over the weekend, gaming blog Kill Screen discovered the interesting fact about the shock rocker’s latest record The Pale Emperor, which was released back in January this year.

Manson and his creative team seem to have opted against the conventional CD-ROMs that are used for compact disc releases, instead choosing to burn the data onto the black polycarbonate discs that were manufactured for use on Sony’s first generation PlayStation when it released way back in 1994.

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The Smashing Pumpkins And Marilyn Manson Team Up For 'The End Of Times' Tour

Smashing Pumpkins Marilyn Manson

The Smashing Pumpkins and Marilyn Manson are set to unite on a co-headline tour of North America this Summer. Dubbed 'The End Of Times Tour', the series will span all major cities including Las Vegas, Dallas, New Orleans, Atlanta, Chicago and Toronto.

The Smashing Pumpkins and Marilyn Manson promo
The Smashing Pumpkins and Marilyn Manson to tour together

It's not an altogether unusual team; in December 2014, Manson made an appearance at the Pumpkins' show in London's Koko, performing a collaborative rendition of the latter's 1997 hit 'Ava Adore' and Manson's then new single 'Third Day of a Seven-Day Binge'. Now they'll be hitting the stage together officially with dates starting at the Concord Pavilion on July 7th and ending in Cincinnati's Riverbend Music Center on August 8th.

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Marilyn Manson - The Pale Emperor Album Review

With a career spanning two decades containing run-ins with the law, the media, the church, common decency and millions of angry parents, it seems strange that nowadays Marilyn Manson's biggest enemy is himself. Since 'The Golden Age of Grotesque' in 2003, Manson has been attempting more and more to be perceived as an artist, but the public just remembers Manson as the spooky provocateur; you know, the lawsuit for allegedly draping his genitals on a security guard at one his shows, the collection of skeletons and Nazi memorabilia, and that time he posed nude for an album cover save for prosthetic tits and androgynous bump protecting his modesty. I'm sure, in fact, that Manson probably sits up at night unable to sleep because nobody understands him, and refuses to let him go through a Bowie-like reinvention of himself. He will always be shock rocker Marilyn Manson, no matter what he says, wears or releases.

Marilyn Manson - The Pale Emperor Album Review

And so, in 2015, we find Marilyn Manson in an awkward place. Does he go down his artistic, intellectual route playing twenty minute long Theremin solos to nobody, or does he throw down a heavy beat and scream his lungs out about something goth? It would be incredibly easy to slag off 'The Pale Emperor', but on this, Manson's ninth LP, he manages to somehow marry the two together with a relative degree of success. It's actually pretty good, all things considered.

That said, the album opens with the Manson by numbers dirge-athon that is 'Killing Strangers'. This song is so typically Manson to the letter that it almost sounds like a parody. It's full of icy cold synths, crunchy basslines, annoyingly apathetic vocal delivery and some pretty turgid lyrics such as, 'You better run, we got guns'. It sounds very tired and incredibly uninspired.

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Fall Out Boy Score Third U.S. Number 1 Abum

Fall Out Boy Taylor Swift Meghan Trainor Ed Sheeran Joey Bada$$ Nicki Minaj The Decemberists Marilyn Manson Sam Smith Mark Ronson

Rockers Fall Out Boy have scored their third US Number 1 album, the latest Billboard 200 chart reveals. The group’s sixth studio album American Beauty / American Psycho shifted 218,000 units across all formats during the week ending January 25th, according to figures given by Nielsen SoundScan.

The new record knocked Meghan Trainor’s debut Title, which sold 86,000, down to Number 3, and fended off non-mover Taylor Swift at Number 2 with 119,000 units. It marks the first time since 2010 that a January sales month, typically a quiet time for major releases, has seen two albums debut at the top with sales of over 150,000.

Pete Wentz Fall Out Boy
Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy, who top the US Billboard charts this week

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Marilyn Manson Offers Explanation For That Leaked Lana Del Rey Video

Marilyn Manson Lana Del Rey Eli Roth

Last month a controversial NSFW video leaked online, directed by Eli Roth, which depicted singer Lana Del Rey being raped. The footage was said to have been shot for a Marilyn Manson music video, however the singer’s camp quickly released a statement denying his involvement. Now Manson has finally spoken out about the video and the exact nature of his involvement.

Marilyn MansonMarilyn Manson has spoken for the first time about the controversial Lana Del Rey video

Back when the video leaked online in November, a statement from Manson’s camp read, “"Manson did not direct this, shoot it, nor was it for a Marilyn Manson video or outtake footage made by him or to be used by him with his music.” Adding, “It must be a fan video splicing up old Manson video footage with someone else's Lana Del Rey footage.”

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Marilyn Manson Denies Involvement In Lana Del Rey "Rape" Video

Marilyn Manson Lana Del Rey

Marilyn Manson says he has nothing to do with a controversial video in which filmmaker Eli Roth simulates raping the singer Lana Del Rey. The clip was removed from YouTube on Thursday (November 20) following a copyright claim from Essential Music, who are linked to Manson's label Cooking Vinyl.

Marilyn MansonMarilyn Manson has denied involvement in the controversial Eli Roth and Lana Del Rey video

The clip, Sturmgruppe, also contained footage from two of Manson's music videos, spliced with horror movie style shots of a party with the word "rape" scrawled on the wall. The clip concludes with the attack on a woman who appears to be Del Rey.

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Where Did It All Go Wrong For Alt-Fest's Crowdfunding Campaign?

Marilyn Manson Neil Young Melissa Joan Hart Gary Numan

Crowdfunding has altered the landscape of contemporary culture, overwhelmingly for the better. No longer are fans subject to the whims of record labels and their increasingly focussed budget. For fans, the power is in their hands and they can directly contribute to ventures of their favourite acts bands, fund the continuation of their best-loved shows and play their part in the investment of innovative technologies. The successes are widespread- from Amanda Palmer’s well reported project to fund a new record, tour and book to the Veronica Mars movie project and Neil Young’s Pono high quality music player, crowdfunding is increasingly the source of cultural revolution.

Marilyn Manson At The Golden Gods Awards
Marilyn Manson pulled out of the event after cancellation rumours took hold.

But for every project that far exceeds its stated aims, there’s one that fall flat on its face. Former teen TV star Melissa Joan Hart raised a paltry $51,000 out of her stated aim of $2 million for a romantic comedy called Darci’s Walk Of Shame. In contrast, Kristen Bell’s Veronica Mars project reached its $2 million target in just 12 hours. And now another aborted project can be added to the list of abject crowdfunding failures. The three day event, which was due take place on August 15-17th in Kettering, sold a not too shabby amount of tickets- 7,500- but this was far from enough to make the event financially viable. What’s more, only £61,000 of a projected £1.2 million was raised through Kickstarter, far from enough to pay for headliners Marilyn Manson and Gary Numan. The problems that befell the event highlight the very facts that drive a crowdfunding project into the ground.

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Sons Of Anarchy Final Season: Charlie Hunnam Spills Details

Charlie Hunnam Marilyn Manson Courtney Love

Speaking at the Television Critics Association preview night on Monday, lead actor Charlie Hunnam told reporters that "Jax is in a very schizophrenic state, he's obviously very sad and vulnerable and broken with this huge amount of revenge and anger in his heart." Of course this is a result of the events in the final episode of the sixth season, which aired at the end of 2013. The shocking betrayal of Jax by his mother Gemma astounded fans and critics, and the fallout is sure to be massive when the show returns on September 9th. 

Charlie HunnamHunnam has played Jax since the very first episode of 'Sons of Anarchy' which aired in 2008.

The show has a strong fan base and often receives positive reviews, but has failed to pick up as many accolades as other FX shows such as 'Damages' and 'The Shield'. However, Hunnam stated he was more concerned with delivering a satisfying end to the series for fans than winning awards. "It doesn't matter at all," he said. "I feel there's this perception that we're upset about it. I really don't give a sh--. I make this for the people who love the show."

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Now, Why Did 'Sons Of Anarchy' Cast Marilyn Manson?

Marilyn Manson Courtney Love

We already know that rockers Marilyn Manson and Courtney Love are two of the new faces on Sons of Anarchy for season 7 and creator Kurt Sutter has been explaining his decision to cast the musicians, at the Television Critics Association Summer Tour in Beverley Hills.

Marilyn MansonMarilyn Manson is to star in Sons of Anarchy season 7 [Getty/Frazer Harrison]

"I tend to do this every season, I like to do some casting that's a little bit outside the box, you know, from Stephen King to David Hasselhoff - we try to do stuff that's fun," Sutter said at the Sons of Anarchy panel.

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Celebrity Engagements That Didn't Last

Naya Rivera Big Sean Jennifer Lopez Ben Affleck Gwyneth Paltrow Brad Pitt Evan Rachel Wood Marilyn Manson Ryan Reynolds Alanis Morissette

The most shocking break up news of the week goes to Glee star Naya Rivera and now ex-fiancee Big Sean. The pair have called it quits amid rumours of infidelity and Rolex theft. Naya tweeted “@bigsean stealing rolexes from a lady’s house now. Maybe cuz I’m on Glee and making more money or something. #triflin.” Although the tweet was quickly removed, the plot is definitely thickening.

Naya Rivera Big Sean Naya Rivera and Big Sean have called time on their relationship

These others celebs also decided to end their very high profile engagements, although none of them accused each other of stealing expensive watches. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck AKA Bennifer were a bit of an odd couple to even begin with. In 2003 the couple were involved in an extremely high profile relationship, going so far as to co-star in a couple of god awful movies. The engagement was broken off in 2004, allegedly because Ben wasn’t ready to give up single life. Which makes sense because a year later he married Jennifer Garner. Burnnnnn.

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It's A Boy! Evan Rachel Wood & Jamie Bell Welcome First Child

Evan Rachel Wood Jamie Bell Marilyn Manson

True Blood actress Evan Rachel Wood and her husband, Billy Elliot actor Jamie Bell, have become first-time parents after Evan gave birth to a son on 29th July. No details of their baby's name or weight have been released yet but both parents have confirmed the birth via Twitter, as well as Evan's spokesperson releasing an official statement via E! News saying "Evan Rachel Wood and her husband Jamie Bell are parents to a beautiful boy. Parents and baby are all doing well."

Evan Rachel Wood
Evan Rachel Wood Gave Birth "Naturally And Peacefully."

Jamie tweeted out to the world to express his joy at becoming a father for the first time: "Wow! What a day. Evan you are my warrior! You never cease to amaze. Thank you for birthing our son so naturally & peacefully. You did it!" with Evan replying in kind "And you are mine :) thank you for being there and helping me through it. I love you both more than words can say."

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Michael Jackson's Family Fail To Show In Court

Michael Jackson Marilyn Manson Debbie Rowe La Toya Jackson Paris Jackson

Michael Jackson's family failed to show up in court on Wednesday (06.06.13)

The Jackson family were meant to attend the high-profile court case after filing a wrongful death lawsuit against concert promoters AEG Live, but had other things on their mind after the King of Pop's 15-year-old daughter allegedly tried to kill herself on the same morning.

Paris was rushed to hospital in Calabasas, California after she allegedly cut her wrists and took an overdose of pills following a blazing row, which saw her complain she wanted to live her ''own life'' after being told she couldn't attend a Marilyn Manson gig that same day.

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Paris Jackson Attempted Suicide After Being Forbidden From Marilyn Manson Gig?

Paris Jackson Michael Jackson Marilyn Manson Beatles Kurt Cobain Nirvana Katherine Jackson

Paris Jackson's shock suicide attempt yesterday (5th June) left her in hospital last night.

She reportedly sliced her arm with a cleaver knife and took an overdose of painkillers after a relative forbade her from attending Marilyn Manson's rock concert in Los Angeles.

The 15 year-old daughter of Michael Jackson also rang a suicide hotline after she left a note to her family and was later found unconscious.

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Not Only Are They The Unlikeliest Of Friends, But Marilyn Manson And Gucci Mane Have Recorded A Song Together Too!

Marilyn Manson Gucci Mane

Marilyn Manson, as you might imagine, doesn't keep the most conventional of company, but the fact that he is good friends with trap-rap star Gucci Mane just seems that little bit out of the blue that we're still struggling to come to terms with it. What's more, it turns out that the singer and rapper have hooked up on a song together, with the pair expected to bring the most unlikely of collaborations to the fore this summer.

Gucci told The Fader earlier today (May 31) that he and Manson hooked up after the Los Angeles premiere of the new movie Spring Breakers on March 14, with the two artists recording their track in the studio until 6am. The rapper then went on to mention how the pair first met and how they each share an interest in each others work. Gucci said, "We got the dopest record in the world, me and Marilyn. Me and him got one of the craziest records ever made. We made it whatever day Spring Breakers came out in Cali. He came to the sneak premiere, and after we did the red carpet and watched the movie, me and him went to the studio and made us a record. That’s the day that we met and began being friends."

For those of you who still might be doubting the unlikely friendship, earlier this month the rapper Instagrammed a photo of the rocker wearing a 'Free Gucci' tank top, and also went on to discuss how he introduced the singer to songwriter Kevin McCall and has been keeping the singer in mind for another potential link-up whilst he records his new album.

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Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson - The Fifth Annual Revolver Golden Gods Awards show - arrivals - Los Angeles, CA, United States - Thursday 2nd May 2013

Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson Collapses On Stage In Canada During 'Beautiful People' (Video)

Marilyn Manson

A seasoned rocker such as Marilyn Manson should have no qualms with loud noises or lots of screaming, so it can't have been that which has given him a funny turn. The mOBSCENE singer collapsed off stage while performing in Canada and was subsequently escorted off stage, doubled over, by a crew member, reports TMZ.

A video, posted online after the gig, shows him falling backwards during his rendition of 'Beautiful People' (scroll to 1:13) only to return to the stage, doubled over in either pain or sickness and helped off stage (see 2:32). His band didn't seem to notice at all for the almost 90 second time at which he was apparently incapacitated and just continued playing as normal. 

He's currently dating an American photographer Lindsay Usich with whom, as he told the Observer, he's even considered having children with. "My girlfriend Lindsay's twin just had a baby and I've started to think that maybe I wouldn't mind passing my demented genius on to some small thing who can set fire and breathe profanity," he said. The public image of his lifestyle may not be the best idea for raising kids, but if this spat of illness is enough to get him to settle down, then there may be a mini-manson running around sometime soon. 

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Surprise! Johnny Depp Makes Impromptu Appearance Onstage With Alice Cooper

Johnny Depp Alice Cooper Beatles The Doors Jimi Hendrix Marilyn Manson Eurythmics

Johnny Depp appears to be forging a new career for himself as ‘surprise guitarist’ for some of the world’s biggest rock artists.

OK, so we have scant evidence on which to be basing this claim but there are at least two incidences in the recent past on which we are building our case. On Thursday (November 30, 2012), Depp appeared onstage at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles, according to, where he lent a hand to Alice Cooper, and knocked out a few riffs for the veteran rocker.

Dressed in a striking black hat, adorned with feathers, a striped black shirt and jeans and an elaborate beaded necklace (he never has quite shaken that Captain Jack Sparrow look, has he?), Depp joined Cooper for a few covers. They played a version of ‘Break on Through (To the Other Side)’ by The Doors before charging through a version of ‘Revolution’ by The Beatles and, just to add that Wayne’s World vibe, they then ploughed through ‘Foxy Lady,’ by Jimi Hendrix. A source said “Johnny was in great spirits. He was really happy and at ease, especially on stage with the rest of the band."

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Evan Rachel Wood Marries Billy Elliot Star Jamie Bell

Evan Rachel Wood Jamie Bell Marilyn Manson

Evan Rachel Wood, 25, has tied the knot with actor Jamie Bell, 26, best known for his turn in Billy Elliot. A representative for Wood confirmed the news to People magazine on Tuesday (October 30, 2012).

"The bride wore a custom dress by Carolina Herrera," the rep says in a statement. "It was a small ceremony with close family and friends." The pair have been rumored to be engaged since January, though never made public their intention to marry. What we do know is that they first began dating in 2005, after co-starring in Green Day's Wake Me Up When September Ends music video, though Rachel Wood soon began a relationship with the rocker Marilyn Manson. In a Twitter post on Wednesday, The Wrestler actress said "Words cannot describe the happiness I am feeling. Overwhelming," before following up with, "Song of the day "(today i met) the boy i'm gonna marry" #darlenelove." British actor Max Minghella - a close friend of Bell - posted a message that read, "Yesterday I got to see my best friend exchange vows with the love of his life. Still coming down from high," which Rachel Wood subsequently re-tweeted. Bell is yet to tweet about the nuptials, though handily told followers a couple of weeks back, "My girl wears Batman socks. Ten points!"

He is currently shooting Lars Van Trier's hugely controversial drama Nymphomaniac, while Rachel Wood is about to begin work on the romance It Is What It Is, with Sigourney Weaver.

Continue reading: Evan Rachel Wood Marries Billy Elliot Star Jamie Bell

Marilyn Manson Saturday 19th May 2012 Rock on the Range 2012 - Day 2

Marilyn Manson

Video - Controversial Marilyn Manson Chooses Scott Peterson As Pornstar Name

Shock rocker and film composer Marilyn Manson is seen leaving a restaurant in Los Angeles. When asked what he will be dressing up as for Halloween, he replies with a crude answer, to the delight of the photographers. The next question posed to him was: 'If you were a pornstar, what would your name be?' Marilyn initially replies with his own, before changing it to Scott Peterson, who was convicted of murdering his wife and their unborn child in 2002.

Marilyn was also well known for his marriage to burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese, which lasted from 2004 to 2006.

Marilyn Manson Monday 24th October 2011 leaves Mercato Di Vetro restaurant in West Hollywood Los Angeles, California

Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson Tuesday 11th October 2011 Celebrities seen outside Dan Tana's restaurant in West Hollywood Los Angeles, California

Marilyn Manson

Video - Charles Fleischer: 'Elvis Had A Twin'?

Actor and comedian Charles Fleischer (Zodiac; Who Framed Roger Rabbit?; A Nightmare On Elm Street) is just one of the many celebrities who attended the screening of 'Born Villains', a short film directed by Transformer's star Shia LeBeouf promoting the upcoming Marilyn Manson album of the same name.

The 'Roger Rabbit' star jokes with the photographers before revealing to them that Elvis Presley had a stillborn twin, called Jesse, to the photographers' amazement. Charles Fleischer has also had bit parts in other movies, such as 'Back to the Future Part II' and 'The Polar Express'

Video - Nick Simmons: Gene Simmons Not Performing At Michael Jackson Tribute

Actor and reality TV star Nick Simmons (Gene Simmons Family Jewels), son of KISS rocker Gene Simmons, leaves the screening of the Shia LeBeouf short film 'Born Villains', promoting the upcoming Marilyn Manson album of the same name.

When asked about why his dad would not be performing at the upcoming Michael Jackson tribute concert, Nick replies that it was probably his dad's beliefs about the child molestation charges against the late King of Pop being the likely cause; he maintains that he doesn't believe the charges against Michael Jackson based on what was said across the media

Video - Jon Hamm Talks About Nicki Minaj's VMA's Dress

'Mad Men' star Jon Hamm (The Town; The Day The Earth Stood Still; Sucker Punch) leaves the Silent Movie Theater after attending a private screening of Shia LeBeouf directed 'Born Villains', a short film promoting Marilyn Manson's new album of the same name.

The actor, who plays Don Draper in the hit AMC show, comments on rapper Nicki Minaj's eye-catching dress that she wore to the VMA's recently as he walks home. Jon can next be seen in the upcoming comedy 'Friends With Kids', which also stars 'Bridesmaids' star Kristen Wiig and 'Transformers' beauty Megan Fox

Video - Marilyn Manson Didn't Watch VMAs

Shock rocker Marilyn Manson, best known for his 1995 hit 'Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)', is spotted leaving the Silent Movie Theater in Hollywood after the screening of his short film, 'Born Villains', which was directed by Transformers star Shia LeBeouf, which documents the making of the Marilyn Manson album of the same name. Marilyn leaves the theatre with a mask wearing woman and tells photographers that he thinks the film went great and mentions his dad, who was also at the screening.

When asked about the recent Video Music Awards (VMAs), Marilyn admits he didn't watch them.Marilyn, real name Brian Warner, has also composed for various films, including the 'Resident Evil' franchise and the 'Saw' films.

Marilyn Manson Thursday 28th May 2009 signs copies of his new album 'The High End Of Low' at HMV Oxford Circus London, England

Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson Friday 22nd May 2009 signs copies of his new album 'The High End of Low' at Hot Topic Hollywood Los Angeles, California

Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson and Dita Von Teese Tuesday 2nd May 2006 New York City, USA

Marilyn Manson and Dita Von Teese

Marilyn Manson Sunday 24th June 2007 A look inside Marilyn Manson's tour bus revealing a poster of a pony Berlin, Germany

Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson, Eat Me, Drink Me, Album Review

Marilyn Manson
Eat Me, Drink Me
Album Review

Continue reading: Marilyn Manson, Eat Me, Drink Me, Album Review

Jenna Jameson Reveals Marilyn Manson Is "Obsessed With Anal"

Marilyn Manson Jenna Jameson

According to porn-star Jenna Jameson, her ex-boyfriend (shock rocker Marilyn Manson), was "obsessed with anal" sex while they were dating. Jameson, who starred in 1997's 'Private Parts', met Manson at the film's premiere before going on to indulge in a kinky love affair together, involving the aforementioned bedroom antics.

Related: Tito Ortiz Denies Jenna Jameson's Claims Of Drug Use And Child Neglect

While talking to the 'Daily Star' newspaper, Jameson complained that: "He was just too big to go there. He wanted to f*** me in the a** a little too much for my liking. Every time we were naked, he'd be going for my butt like a rat to cheese. He was obsessed with anal. He even tried it the first time we went to bed."

Continue reading: Jenna Jameson Reveals Marilyn Manson Is "Obsessed With Anal"

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