Marilu Henner, the 58-year-old American actress appeared on 'The Early Show' today (20th December 2010) where she claimed to be one of only six people in the world who have a rare gift called superior autobiographical memory, reports CBS News. Her 'gift' allegedly allows her to remember every day of her life so far.
Speaking on the show, Henner said, "People talk about this, how people visualize it sort of in a calendar way like calendar pages. For me, the closest thing to it is kind of like selected scenes on a DVD. You know when you see that?" She demonstrated her skill when anchor REBECCA JARVIS gave her the year 1975 at random. Within a matter of seconds, Henner had named the correct days of the week for holidays in that year, saying, "My birthday was on a Sunday that year - that was April 6th. And Christmas was on a Thursday that year. And Thanksgiving was on the 27th that year". The actress said that after researching her talent, she understands that a certain area of her brain is larger than most peoples, and described enquiring the talent as a "combination of nature and nurture".
Henner confirmed that she will be publishing a book detailing her 'gift', entitled "An Unforgettable Life - Yours: Lessons Learned from an Autobiographical Memory".