Marilu Henner saved her sex life with her new husband after ignoring crude medical advice offered as a cure for bladder cancer. The Taxi star had only just started dating Michael Brown four years ago when he was diagnosed with lung and bladder cancer, and she took him on a tour of U.S. doctors in a bid to get the right help. She says, "I took him all over the country, to about nine doctors because I sort of do the best of east and west medicine, integrated medicine." But the actress admits the new couple weren't always thrilled with what the experts suggested. She adds, "We hit some crackpots along the way... One of the doctors... immediately wanted to do surgery. "He said, 'We're gonna take it out, we're gonna run this tube through your penis and if you two want to have sex you just have to pump it up six times." Henner admits the couple ran out of the consultation, and instead used natural cures and dietary methods to beat the disease. She explains, "I changed his diet and, as a result, we saved everything; Michael still has everything intact (and) he's in remission now. "The mentality in this country is to cut something out and then get back to normal... I keep saying, 'Maybe normal needs to be looked at.'"