Singer Marianne Faithfull has ended her feud with supermodel Kate Moss less than two years after branding her a "vampire".
The '60s icon was close pals with the British beauty but rounded on her in an interview in 2009 after they fell out.
Faithfull blasted Moss and accused her of stealing her style, copying her penchant for dating rock stars, and fumed: "She's very clever, but she isn't at all educated."
But the former friends have now put the bust-up behind them and are pals again - and they've vowed never to reveal the reasons behind their war of words.
Faithfull tells the Irish Times, "We are friends again. And we are going to keep it to ourselves... it's a great shame when people don't speak for a few years... I am not banishing people any more, in the past I hurt people before they could ever hurt me, my whole life was founded on that... I was a very lost little girl but better now, thank you."