In case anyone had forgotten that Valentine’s is coming up, Mariah Carey has released a helpful reminder in the form of her new video for You’re Mine. Carey first debuted the song in a live performance on the BET honors stage last weekend and now it has a shiny new video, which features exotic settings and Trey Songz – everything you could ask for in a music video, really.

Mariah Carey
Prepare for Mimi's big return.

It opens with Mariah perched on a bed of rocks, topless, sitting at the foot of a waterfall in Puerto Rico. Apparently, like many of us, Carey never really outgrew the “I want to be a mermaid” phase. It really works in the video though. "I can't seem to live without your love," she sings, covered in gold glitter.

After the release of the video, Carey had the appropriate V-day bash to celebrate.

It seems like the object of her affection is songs, who is a little preoccupied at a photoshoot, sporting a Cuban link chain hanging off of his neck down to his bare chest. The two are separated and stay that way for the duration of the video, but apparently Mermaid Mariah has successfully invaded Songz’ dreams, because we later see him tossing and turning in bed to the tune of her song. Carey goes own to pour her heart out, reminiscing over the good times before coming to the conclusion that the couple will go on forever, even if they aren't physically together. "I can't seem to give you up your mine," she sings. But plot twist: towards the end of the video, he pulls away the sheets to reveal that his bed has been sprinkled with the same gold glitter from before. Mermaids and glitter – we may have a contender for video of the year on our hands.

Mariah Carey, BET Honors
Carey debuted the song atop a grand piano at the BET honors over the weekend.

You’re Mine, as well as the remix, featuring Songz, will be included in Carey’s upcoming album, The Art of Letting Go, expected to drop May 6. The video first premiered on the MTV website, where you can watch it now.