Mariah Carey is "ready to pop".

The singer is pregnant with twins, a boy and a girl, and her husband Nick Cannon has revealed they are expecting to welcome the new additions to their family "any moment now".

He said on 'The Talk': "How's Mariah doing? She's pregnant. She's doing amazing, but literally, it's any moment now. It's not even any day now. She is ready to just pop!

"The baby nurse and all that is ready. The bags are packed! I don't know why I'm here!"

Nick also admitted he is now planning to curb his daredevil ways because of his family responsibilities.

He said: "I was filming 'America's Got Talent', and I do a lot of crazy stuff on that show. And I found myself thousands of feet in the air in a hot-air balloon. The only thing separating me from the ground was a wicker basket. And I looked down, and [at] that moment, I was like 'I can't do this anymore.' A good gust of wind, and my children might never meet their father!"