Mariah Carey insists she does not refer to herself as the “Queen of Christmas”.

She made the claim during an appearance on Wednesday (07.12.22) on ‘The Late Show’ with Stephen Colbert, to promote her CBS festive special ‘Mariah Carey: Merry Christmas To All’, due to be broadcast on December 20.

Mariah said about believing Jesus’ mother Mary is the only woman who deserves the nickname: “First of all, may I say I never called myself the ‘Queen of Christmas’. Can we please be clear on that?

“Others have said the ‘self-proclaimed’ ‘Queen of Christmas’.

“Really, I’m going to do that? They can look up every interview I’ve ever done, and, not to get super religious, but I think like if anybody would be ‘Queen of Christmas’ that would be Mary.”

The mum-of-two added: “Christmas is for all and I just happen to really love Christmas.

“Because I grew up and had kind of a tough childhood and I always wanted Christmas to be perfect and it never was. So when I was finally able to provide for myself and my friends and later my little kids who are 11, Roc and Roe, we had the most festive Christmas ever... it is actually a lovely holiday and somehow someone would be throwing mustard at somebody else, or ketchup or whatever, so I went through that and now I wait for it all year long.

“So it’s actually a real thing. And yes people make money off of it but one thing everybody should be aware of the artists actually, I’m actually the writer as well, we actually make on streams 1/16 of a penny… somebody knows better than me. All I know is we only make 1/16th, but still we’re thankful for all of it.”

The ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ singer made the remarks weeks after she was blocked from exclusively trademarking the “Queen of Christmas” title by festive singer Elizabeth Chan.

Mariah controversially filed an application to trademark the phrase in March 2021, enraging festive performers including Elizabeth, 42, and 81-year-old Darlene Love.

The United States Trademark Trial and Appeal Board ruled against Mariah’s attempt and rejected and denied her bids to register the trademarks “Princess Christmas” and “QOC”.