Maria Menounos has spoken out publicly about the trauma that she has suffered at the hands of her doctors, in the past. The Dancing With the Stars celebrity made the shocking revelation whilst she was a guest on the Howard Stern show yesterday (June 11, 2012). She explained to the shock-jock that she has been sexually abused at the hands of her physicians in the past and now insists on taking her boyfriend into examination rooms with her, to prevent it from happening again.
Describing the first time that such an incident happened the 34 year old explained that she had gone to the doctor for a throat problem. The doctor told her to change into a gown and proceeded to touch her genitals. "I was really young, so I was so uncomfortable. (My boyfriend) Kevin (Undergaro) was in the waiting room and I literally started screaming ... I was just so uncomfortable I didn't know what to do." Kevin had urged her to press charges but she says that she did not want to make matters any worse, so left it. Maria also revealed that there have been other occasions when physicians, including gynecologists have made her feel uneasy.
Maria's long-term boyfriend Kevin was also present during the interview with Stern, who asked him if he ever felt jealous of any of the men in her life. As he paused to think about his answer, Maria squealed "You're thinking!? You're thinking!?" When he eventually answered, Kevin admitted that he had felt a little jealous of Maria's close friendship with her dance partner Derek Hough on Dancing With the Stars, but surmised "You know what, Howard? I just put my mind on other things. It's A, I trust Maria and B, what can I do?"