Dancing with the Stars has been a dramatic season, so far, with tears, laughter and hospital trips dominating each week's performance, as the celebrities get to grips with their fancy footwork and, of course, their dance partners. Rumours of romance between celebrities and dance partners are a frequent occurrence on Dancing with the Stars but last night's lip-lock between Maria Menounos and Derek Hough really gave viewers some fuel for their rumours.

E! Online spoke to the saucy couple backstage about their Latin routine and their all-important onstage chemistry. Their routine culminated in a steamy kiss, but they insist it was all just a part of the Latin choreography. "It was part of the fun," Derek told E! Online. "It was tongue and cheek it was fun. It was like, 'We need to do something fun here,' and a dip doesn't suffice and the shirt thing, everyone does that, so it was like, 'What can we do?' It was Latin week! We gotta go for it!" Maria added "we needed the shirt and the kiss!"

Another risqué talking point of the evening was Chelsie Hightower's wardrobe malfunction, which ended up with her revealing a little more than her dancing talent when her dress couldn't quite contain her assets. She managed to laugh off the unfortunate incident, though, saying "You know what's funny, the last time I did the salsa I had the same sleeve and the same thing happened when I was shimmying, shimmying my little heart out."