Margot Robbie uses nappy cream as a lip balm.

The 31-year-old actress keeps an array of goodies in her Chanel backpack for when she is on the go, including hand sanitiser, face sprits, and Bepanthen nappy ointment for her lips as it is more soothing than lip balm.

She explained: "This is Bepanthan, it's an antiseptic cream technically for baby's nappies and stuff but I use it as a lip balm and it's really good."

The 'Suicide Squad' star likes to make a fashion statement by taking her luxury handbag everywhere as she is always "on the run".

She told British Vogue: "My bag is a Chanel backpack so I think that would say I'm interested in fashion but I'm also quite pragmatic. I'm on the run. I've got lots going on."

Meanwhile, the blonde beauty previously revealed she feels at her most "attractive" when she is living in the "moment" and "being free" because women are "strong" and "feminine" when they are "genuinely having fun".

She said: "Women are strong, and distinctly feminine characteristics are also distinctly strong characteristics. Being feminine isn't a sign of weakness any more. Something I've been talking about with my girlfriends lately is that we all look our best when we're smiling and having fun - when I catch people in that moment when they're genuinely laughing, that's when they're glowing and look gorgeous. I think having fun and being free is the most attractive thing ... doing whatever makes you feel your best so that you show your best qualities to the world."