Margaret Thatcher is set to become an unlikely fashion trendsetter in 2011.

The former British prime minister was famed for her 'power set' hairdo when she was in charge of the country from 1979 to 1990 and while she's never been regarded as a style icon, her hairstyle has now become one of the most requested in salons up and down the country.

Celebrity Hairdresser of the Year Jamie Stevens - who appears on UK TV shows 'This Morning' and 'How To Look Good Naked' - told BANG Showbiz: "We've had people coming in asking for big sculptured hair like the look worn by Margaret Thatcher. We think this could be a big trend for 2011 and it follows the conservative 50s style seen in 'Mad Men'. It's not just for blue rinses, it's style you could see on the streets of New York and East London.

"This style needs to be set on heated rollers, brushed gently and sprayed with lashings of hairspray. Expect to see sales of hairspray soaring!"

And it seems the movie and fashion world are rather taken with the famous politician's hair with Meryl Streep sporting the look in a new movie based on her while models in a recent CHANEL fashion show at their hair teased into exaggerated styles based on Margaret.

Jamie - whose clients include Elle McPherson, Eva Herzigova, Hugh Grant, Kylie Minogue, Stella Mccartney - is the artistic director at Errol Douglas salon in Knightsbridge, London.