The U.S. funnywoman recently revealed she was molested from the age of five, and was raped during her teens, and now she has spoken out about her past in the sex trade as she came out in defence of others caught in a similar situation.

"Sex work is simply work. For me it was honest work. I was a sex worker when I was young. It was hard but well paid. There's no shame in it," she writes in a post on her page.

"As a sex worker I had power+$$$ (money)... I have way more PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) from rape. That's real. Sex work was just a good way to make money. At least for me then... I support sex workers because I was one and I know that it's a job that's needlessly shunned by society... I was not exploited and I don't know girls or women who were. We were tough and proud... I found my strength as a sex worker and gained a lot of power as I grew..."

Cho goes on to insist authorities need to do more to protect vulnerable sex workers, adding, "It's hard work that's not protected by law enforcement or unions. It's unfair. We have the right to our bodies +work... It's so important that sex workers are protected... I'm not offering sex work. I'm simply stating I've done it. It's hard labor and deserves dignity..."

Cho has also enjoyed a career as an actress, appearing in hit TV shows Sex and the City and Ghost Whisperer, and action movie Face/Off.