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'Absolutely Fatuous'? 'Ab Fab' Movie Sparks Race Row With 'Yellowface' Character

The announcement of Eddie Monsoon and Patsy Stone returning in an 'Absolutely Fabulous' movie was met with a huge amount of enthusiasm, but now that's become somewhat muted by an uncomfortable controversy that could potentially...

Margaret Cho: 'I Was A Sex Worker'

The U.S. funnywoman recently revealed she was molested from the age of five, and was raped during her teens, and now she has spoken out about her past in the sex trade as...

Margaret Cho Upset By Pal Damon Wayans Rape Remarks

Wayans has been blasted for suggesting the 50-plus women who have accused Cosby of drugging and/or raping them were all in relationships with the comedian, and calling the whole drama a "money hoax"....

Margaret Cho Pens New Song About Rape Ordeal

The funnywoman turned serious during a new interview with Billboard as she explained the inspiration behind her angry new song I Want to Kill My Rapist, and revealed she was sexually molested from...

Margaret Cho Launches Boycott Of Herve Leger Over Managing Director's Anti-lesbian Comments

Patrick Couderc also said that “voluptuous” women or women with “very prominent hips and a very flat chest” should not wear the designs. But it's his remarks about lesbians that have upset...

Margaret Cho Files For Divorce

Cho announced she and Al Ridenour had split in December (14), but new documents filed in Los Angeles on Wednesday (12Aug15) and obtained by suggest the couple broke up in September (14)....

Benedict Cumberbatch's Globes Photobomb: The Oscar Selfie Of 2015

These days, it’s not an award show without an official selfie or photobomb or whatever image-related bandwagon Hollywood is hopping on that week. I’m talking, of course, about Benedict Cumberbatch, that painstaking “penguin” pronouncing pun...

Joan Jett To Produce Undateable John

Joan Jett is to produce 'Undateable John'.The 55-year-old rocker will act as executive producer under her own company Blackheart Films, as well as star as a Venice Beach folk singer in the romantic comedy movie....

Kim Kardashian To Play Love Interest On 'Drop Dead Diva'

Kim Kardashian has announced that he has landed a guest role on Drop Dead Diva. Kardashian has written on her blog "I am so excited to announce that I'll be guest starring on Drop Dead...

Lisa Ling Started Reading Blogs After Miscarriage

LISA LING, the 37-year-old talk show presenter and former host of the 'The View', has opened up about the pain she felt after losing her baby just two months into the pregnancy, reports the UK's...

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