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Jim Carrey And Margaret Atwood Latest To Be Banned From Russia

Jim Carrey and Margaret Atwood are among 100 Canadians now banned from entering Russia.President Vladimir Putin has forbidden a whole host of celebrities from stepping foot on Russian land for siding with Ukraine amid his...

Jk Rowling Signs Public Letter Denouncing Cancel Culture

JK Rowling is among 150 public figures who have signed an open letter denouncing cancel culture.The 54-year-old 'Harry Potter' author has joined well-known people including Salman Rushdie, Margaret Atwood, Gloria Steinem, Malcolm Gladwell and Noam...

Margaret Atwood Will Influence 'The Handmaid's Tale' Season 2

Fronted by former 'Mad Men' star Elisabeth Moss, 'The Handmaid's Tale' is based on Margaret Atwood's novel of the same name and went into production in 2016, before hitting screens earlier this year in the...

'Maddaddam' Trilogy Coming To Hbo And Darren Aronofsky's Behind The Camera

HBO’s penchant for daring adaptations doesn’t show any signs of abating; the premium cable channel is ready to pump its creative juices into a TV version of Margaret Atwood’s MaddAddam trilogy and have installed White...

Howard Jacobson Is About To...Oh, I Don't Know, Rewrite Shakespeare?

Booker Prize winning novelists Howard Jacobson and Margaret Atwood have been given th enviable task - or perhaps, unenviable job depending on which way you look at it - of rewriting Shakespeare into modern prose.Jacobson...

Geeky Couple Sophie Dahl And Jamie Cullum

Sophie Dahl and Jamie Cullum love having "geeky" conversations.The couple - who married in January 2010 and are expecting their first child together - have a shared passion for books, with the model-turned-TV chef admitting...

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