Actress Marg Helgenberger will always feel connected to her hit U.S. series Csi: Crime Scene Investigation - because her son works as a production assistant on the show.
The TV veteran, who has played forensics expert Catherine Willows on the programme since it premiered back in 2000, announced her decision to leave the show after its 12th and current season last year (11).
The actress has wrapped her final episodes and she reveals the adjustment period has been made far less painful by the fact her 21-year-old son Hugh was by her side.
She says, "He works as a production assistant so he's kind of my lifeline to the show... Now I quiz him like, 'Well, who's directing? What's this episode about?'"
And she finds comfort in knowing her co-stars will always have something to remember her by.
Helgenberger adds, "The last day was quite emotional. I finished my scene, in which Catherine says goodbye to the team... (and) the director, Alex, he had a nail and hammer and he pounded a nail into the floor as my permanent mark... So from here to eternity, Stage 24 at Universal Studios, that'll be my mark."