Marc Jacobs has changed his mind about social media and now thinks it can provide a ''nourishing'' experience.

The 52-year-old American fashion designer was of the opinion that online mediums such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were robbing people of actual social experiences with people face-to-face.

But Jacobs' attitude has changed and he thinks the phenomenon can improve individuals' lives if they use it in the right way.

In an interview Prestige Hong Kong magazine, he said: ''I (used to look at) social media very much through the eyes of someone who never participated in it. I think the difference is that before, I looked at social media as anti-social, because I felt like, does this mean you stay home on your computer ... and you don't get to have the experience face to face with people? Do you rob yourself of social experiences?

''I did this movie called 'Disconnect', which was so much about being attached to Facebook and stuff. But then again, it's up to the individual whether a tool (social media) - whether it is nourishing you and giving you more experiences or whether it is robbing you of actual experiences.''

Jacobs is now a self-confessed Instagram addict and regularly posts backstage photos from his fashion shows, his shoots and his personal life.