For a world class fashion designer like Marc Jacobs, you'd think he'd be the last person to go for the ultimate cheesy proposal. But he's always about surprising people, and decided to opt for a non-typically romantic spot to ask his partner Charly DeFrancesco to marry him: Chipotle.

Marc Jacobs and Charly DeFrancesco at WSJ Magazine's Innovator AwardsMarc Jacobs and Charly DeFrancesco at WSJ Magazine's Innovator Awards

The 54-year-old took his boyfriend to the local Mexican food chain in Manhattan, whereupon they were faced with a flash mob dancing along to 'Kiss' by Prince. Marc's shocked beau was even more surprised when the dance was over and he turned around to see his fashion icon future husband on one knee.

Marc posted a video of the moment on Instagram for the world to see on Wednesday (April 4th 2018). 'And this happened', he wrote in the caption. ''Charly Defrancesco will you marry me'? THANK YOU everyone for making this happen... And to my Ride or Die fiancé I LOVE YOU.'

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The both looked lost for words by the end of it. Charly also posted the video with the message, 'Get ready for the all time gag!' What made the moment even better was that it was also his birthday - and, like any ordinary person, he wanted to celebrate it by eating out at Chipotle.

The pair have reportedly been dating at least two years and live together in New York's West Village. Charly is an underwear model and candle designer who also starred in an episode of 'Sense8'. Meanwhile, Marc has previously dated the likes of porn actor Harry Louis.

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It's not the most public yet low-budget proposition ever heard of in celebrity culture. Neil Patrick Harris was proposed to by his  partner David Burtka at the very street corner where they met (OK, so there were also riding in a limousine), while Linda Perry got a backing band together when she proposed to Sara Gilbert at a picnic in LA.