Marc Jacobs says Lila Moss and the other models who appeared in his new perfume campaign were like ''kids in a candy store'' when they were shown the wardrobe.

The 57-year-old American fashion designer recruited 17-year-old Lila - the daughter of supermodel Kate Moss - Alek Wek and Mei Kawajiri to star in the advertising campaign for his latest scent Perfect and he loved standing back and watching the trio pick their own outfits from the huge array of garments on offer.

In an interview with Refinery29, Marc - who worked with stylist Katie Grand on the campaign - said: ''There was just this huge, huge wardrobe room, and it was like kids in a candy store.

''Everybody just gravitated towards what they wanted. Alek Wek went directly for this, like, fluid jumpsuit from the '70s collection we did many years ago.''

The styling stage for the campaign took three days and Marc admits collections from the past were a big influence on the final shots and footage.

He said: ''We pulled some clothes from past collections that we thought were colourful, and then we also picked a rack of our vintage archive, clothes that we always looked at and always go back to, like the slip dresses.

''Everybody just did their own thing, and it was great. It was just very alive with that desire to express oneself and to feel good about oneself as you are.

''I feel like it expresses self-expression and creativity, and it validates this idea of style and individuality.''