Marc Jacobs has launched a new polysexual line called Heaven.

The 57-year-old designer has announced the launch via social media, revealing that Heaven focuses on the ''DIY spirit that connects subcultures around the world''.

An Instagram post read: ''Welcome to HEAVEN [cloud emoji] Introducing a polysexual collection by Marc Jacobs.

''HEAVEN draws upon the origins of the Marc Jacobs impulse: subversion, teenage daydreams, alienation nation, queer youth, toxic shock valley girls, candy ravers, apocalypse sugar, psychedelic fantasia, girls who are boys and boys who are girls, those who are neither, negative space, day-glo dystopia, suburban euphoria and the multifaceted characters who have made up the Marc Jacobs universe for the past 30 years.

''HEAVEN centers the D.I.Y. spirit that connects subcultures around the world and recontextualizes them for a new generation. (sic)''

The new line is also being billed as an ''ode to otherness''.

The post continued: ''HEAVEN pays tribute to the films of the new queer pioneer Gregg Araki, the street style microculture of FRUiTS magazine, the plushy sculptures of Mike Kelley and the shifting identities of Cindy Sherman. An ode to otherness.

''Let HEAVEN be your brand of bliss today.

''Available now at and all Marc Jacobs stores. (sic)''

Meanwhile, Marc previously admitted to taking inspiration from various places for his eye-catching designs.

Speaking about his creative process, he explained: ''It's all about creative choice, making sketches, fittings, collaging - however it happens to get to the end result.

''Sometimes I sit with a shoe, or look at a silhouette. Sometimes the design team inspires me and brings in things they're interested in. I think, oh, I'd like to use this.

''Other times I don't know what I want. It's a magpie aesthetic: if something is hideous, that's interesting. It's kind of the same sensibility that Andy Warhol had. He was interested in everything and soaked up what he saw like a sponge.''