Marc Jacobs has revealed he gets ''postpartum depression'' after New York Fashion Week.

The 52-year-old designer, whose shows have always been deemed 'the one to watch', has revealed he always gets plagued with negative thoughts once the popular fashion event has wrapped up in the Big Apple and he starts to pick out 'flaws' in his set, regardless of how well it's gone.

Speaking to Fashion Week Daily, he said: ''If it's gone well, I feel good about it ... Then over the next couple of days, I have this postpartum depression and see all the flaws.

He added: ''They become more and more elaborate in my mind ... They ruin the whole thing for me.''

Despite claiming he gets ''postpartum depression'' - a term used for women who experience a type of depression after giving birth - Marc believes his Spring/Summer 2015 show went off ''quite flawlessly'' and nothing was out of place.

He added: ''There wasn't a button unbuttoned or a shoelace untied. Nobody was tripping.''

New York Fashion Week, which sees famous designers from around the globe showcase their new collections, kicks off today (10.09.15) and will conclude of September 17.