Marc Jacobs marked getting his second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine with a glamorous selfie.

The 57-year-old designer rocked white platform boots, an animal-print jacket and a pink sequined skirt to his appointment at New York's NYU Langone Health facility to get his final dose of the Pfizer jab this week.

He captioned a mirror selfie of him having his vaccination with his physician in shot and his ribbed body on display: "Spring has sprung and second vaccine done!

"Thank you nurse @kiyahsw You are the best! @nyulangone @pfizerinc

"#pfizercrew #prettyinpink #marshmallowsnowballrealness #gratefulnothateful (sic)"

Three weeks ago the fashion muse posted a snap of him getting the first dose in a pair of bold pink trousers and black platforms.

He wrote: "I’ve been Pfizer’d.

"Thank you nurse @kiyahsw @nyulangone @pfizerinc

"#nottodaymissrona #NYU #thankyouhealthcareworkers #feelinFauci #gratefulnothateful."

Jacobs previously opened up about being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2010 and how he can't resist taking his clothes off since adopting a healthy lifestyle and diet to avoid having his colon removed.

He said at the time: "I had 21 per cent body fat four years ago. I was in and out of the hospital because I had flare-ups of ulcerative colitis. I’d be in the office for 16 hours a day, six of which were in the bathroom because I was so ill. I ate nothing but junk food. Basically, the doctor said, 'We’re going to have to remove your colon.' And I said, 'I’m not doing that!'

So I went to a nutritionist named Lindsey Duncan, and he said, 'If you are 100 percent compliant with what I tell you to do, you will be in better shape than you’ve ever been in, and you will not have to have your colon removed.' I said, 'Okay, sign me up.' He said no caffeine, no sugar, no white flour, no dairy from a cow, take açaí every morning, goji, noni, mangosteen, et cetera, omega-3, wheatgrass shots with ginger. The list is endless.

He said, 'You gotta laugh every day, you gotta rest every day, and you have to perspire every day, which means you have to go to the gym.' I hadn’t stepped foot in a gym. Well, I hadn’t walked a block in 20 years …

When guys started looking at me and asking me out on dates, I felt way better about myself. So it was hard to keep my clothes on, actually. And whenever I was asked to take my clothes off, I was like, 'Sure! I haven’t worked out for three years to keep this all under wraps.' Everything changed. I cut my hair, I got contact lenses, I started to groom and get manicures and pedicures. I started to get my hair cut every two weeks."