Breaking Bad

Respect the Chemistry: After five seasons, Breaking Bad came to its explosive conclusion on Sunday, finishing Walter White's journey from "Mr Chips to Scarface." Check out which episodes our writers chose as their favorite.

Leaving Vuitton: HUGE news from the fashion world this week, with Marc Jacobs announcing his departure from Louis Vuitton to focus on his own collections. Jacobs has been with the house for 16 years, establishing himself as one of the finest designers of the planet. If not the best. Read more about his departure here.

Goodnight Mr Tom: We regretfully reported on the death of the best-selling US author Tom Clancy this week - the spy writer dying at the age of 66. Clancy was best known for his classics The Hunt for Red October and Patriot Games, both of which were adapted for the big-screen. In June, we reported how one of his famous video games was set to be adapted by Michael Bay too.

The Simpsons

RIP Homer? We're all anticipating the return of The Simpsons at Contact Towers, but in potentially worrying news from executive producer Al Jean this week - one of its major characters will be killed off. Who could it possibly be? Check out the current odds here.

Ronan...Sinatra? Ok, so we all thought about it, but it seems Mia Farrow has given the biggest hint yet that her son Ronan - who looks a lot like Frank Sinatra and not very much like Woody Allen - may indeed by the son of the legendary singer. Find out what Mia said here.

Not So Great: Just when you thought Justin Bieber had stopped being ridiculous for a couple of weeks, huh? Well, now the pop-star has been snapped being CARRIED up The Great Wall of China by his minions. We don't even know where to start. Check it out.   

Benedict Cumberbatch

Sorry Gosling Fans: Remember when Ryan Gosling fans descended on the offices of People magazine to demand an explanation as to why Bradley Cooper had beaten their boy to the No.1 spot on the world's sexiest list? Well, we'd suggest Empire magazine batten up the hatches after naming  the sexiest movie star on the planet. Find out who else he beat here.

Bilbo's Back: An unexpected treat for Lord of the Rings fans this week, with the new trailer for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug rolling out online. The first movie was well-received by fans, if not by critics, though the follow-up looks to be in a different class. Check out the trailer and pictures here.

Video of the Week:  This week's hottest footage comes from the Toronto International Film Festival, where Jude Law compared his latest character Dom Hemingway to Shakespeare's Falstaff. Law should get the praise he deserves for this role, we've got the trailer and pictures too. Check them out here.