Marc Jacobs has cut 60 jobs.

The fashion label has reduced its headcount in design and other departments, with designer Olympia Le-Tan - who worked for the brand's lower-priced line, The Marc Jacobs - one of the most high-profile casualties.

A spokesperson told WWD that the cuts represent less than 10 per cent of the brand's global headcount and added: ''Given the substantial impact of Covid-19 on the retail industry, we have made targeted changes that allow Marc Jacobs International to adapt to the evolving environment and continue forward on our path to refocus the business and highlight the creative innovation that has always defined our brand. This included making the difficult decision to eliminate certain roles and, for a small number of employees, reducing responsibilities.''

Meanwhile, Marc recently revealed that he feels fashion will ''never exist as we know it'' following the coronavirus pandemic.

He shared: ''I work within a team, and it's our daily interaction and it's life that stimulates and provides a catalyst for what me and my team create each season. So I wouldn't say this is the most creative place to be. Creating isn't done in a vacuum or a bubble. It might be done within the bubble of our fashion world, but it is the stimulation of the entire world that is the catalyst, that gives us the drive and the energy and the passion to create.

''Until we discover a new way to work, until we create a new way to work, or a new end goal to work towards, we really have nothing to do. To carry around the past probably isn't the best way forward. What I do and the clothes that I make and the way we present a show, it feels like that probably will never exist as we know it, the way we did it.''