Marc Anthony is ''really, really proud'' of Jennifer Lopez for opening up in her first book, 'True Love'.

The 46-year-old singer, whose divorce from the 'Booty' hitmaker was finalised last June following their split in 2011, insists he wasn't upset that she shared details about their relationship and separation in the memoir last year.

The 'Vivir Mi Vida' hitmaker, who recently married model Shannon de Lima, said: ''I was really, really proud of her. Only because I know what it took for her to open up like that.''

Despite remaining on good terms with the 45-year-old beauty, with whom he has seven-year-old twins Max and Emme, Marc has no plans to discuss their friendship because he said ''it's hard enough as it is.''

He said: ''I don't talk about it much as a whole; I just think that's private. I really, really do and I never have and I'm not sure I ever will. I don't think it's for public consumption. It's hard enough as it is.''

Meanwhile, Marc claims his father encouraged him to work on his personality when he was younger rather than his appearance.

He told 'The Meredith Vieira Show': ''My dad told me early on, he said, 'Son, we're both ugly.' I swear to God, he says it to this day. And he goes, 'You work on your personality. It builds character.' ''

But he wasn't upset by the advice, explaining: ''Absolutely not. I was born looking at his face - and he was right.''