Manolo Blahnik is delighted Victoria Beckham sent her female models out wearing ''boyish'' shoes on the New York Fashion Week catwalk yesterday (09.09.12).

The legendary shoe designer - made famous by Sarah Jessica Parker's Carrie Bradshaw character on 'Sex And The City' - was ''very happy'' to see Victoria's models in women's brogues, which he designed himself, while they were showing off her spring/summer 2013 collection because he believes it is ''refreshing'' to wear flat shoes with gowns.

He said: ''I am very happy that she used flat shoes and I think it is very refreshing and elegant to wear boyish flats with dresses.

''She loved the classic men's brogues that we do, so we created a women's version for her.''

Manolo worked closely with Victoria to come up with a footwear design they were both pleased with, and he found the brunette beauty to have a ''great sense of humour'' when they joined forces and insists she is very determined to be a successful designer.

He added to ''She is a very sweet woman with a great sense of humour.

''You can tell that she is passionate about her collections and a lot of work goes into them. She obviously works extremely hard. We had a discussion about what kind of shoes she was looking for and we looked at different styles and from there we created the shoes you saw on the catwalk.

''She knows exactly what look she wants to achieve and she goes for it wholeheartedly.

''The silhouettes and shapes are very nice and simple; chic with a great colour palette. With her first collection, she grasped the moment and gave the people what was missing - simple dresses beautifully done; elegant and feminine.''