Manic Street Preachers want to make ''the biggest f***ing rock record ever''.

The Welsh trio have just released their 12th album, 'Futurology', which has been one of the most well-received of their career, but they are already looking ahead to the future and have set the bar high for themselves.

Bassist Nicky Wire said: ''I think we all know deep in ourselves that there is only one record left to make and that's the biggest f***ing rock record ever.

''It's Zeppelin, it's the Pistols, it's [debut album] 'Generation Terrorists', but bigger.

''That's a long way off. But I think we know that's what's left; to raise the scales to an enormous level.''

The 'Walk Me to the Bridge' hitmakers are very happy with their new album even though they think their intentions with the record were ''ludicrous''.

Nicky added to NME magazine: ''It's ludicrous in its ambition. We're trying to talk about abstract art movements in a f***ing three-minute pop song, and there's so much eastern Russian stuff in there on songs like, 'Black Square' and 'Mayakovsky'.

''It's got the same ridiculous ambition as 'Generation Terrorists' but it's more cultured. It has that intent though, it's got the post-punk jaggedness of 'The Holy Bible', but it merges that with the retro-futurism we've always been obsessed with.''