Singer/actress Mandy Moore was terrified when she discovered the remote mansion in which she was recording tracks for her new album was haunted. The CANDY singer was writing and recording tracks in an old house that had been converted into a recording studio in Woodstock, New York. She explains, "I was kind of forewarned this old house that was built in the 1920's was haunted and I'm a big scaredy-cat. "As soon as I arrived at my little part of the house where I was staying, I walked around to every room saying, 'OK, I'm just here for a couple months, and I'm here to do something positive and creative. Please don't scare me and please leave me alone!' "Supposedly, it's a family and this was their summer house back in the '20s and they have another house in Pennsylvania and they supposedly go back and forth between the two. "The matriarch of the family supposedly haunts the part of the house that I was staying in. She doesn't like people cleaning. "Supposedly the cleaning lady at the studio was pushed down the stairs a couple of years ago, so I was completely freaked out. My favourite part was I guess she really didn't like cleaning, because I would do laundry and put my pants on top of the dryer and I would come back and everything would be on the ground. "So I started putting the laundry detergent on top of my pants and I came back and everything, the laundry detergent, the pants, the dryer sheets, were all thrown on the ground. I was petrified!"