Mandy Moore is having an aversion to coffee during her pregnancy.

The 'This Is Us' star admits she is devastated that her body is disliking coffee at the moment as she is usually a huge fan of a caffeine hit and she is hopeful she can get back to enjoying it once she's given birth to her first child.

She shared on her Instagram story: ''Just sitting here thinking: will I ever enjoy coffee again? It's one of my major food aversions right now. I know - probably for the best but it makes me sad because I used to dream about coffee before bed.''

And Mandy is ''fully accepting'' that her love of coffee will come back and insists it is a ''small price to pay'' for her pregnancy.

In a follow-up video, she added: ''I just woke up from a nap to many, many folks telling me it is not strange in fact to have a coffee aversion. Lots of ladies had coffee aversions during their pregnancy so I am not worried. I'm fully accepting that my love of coffee will come back. And if not, it's all good. Small price to pay.''

Last week, Mandy announced she is expecting her first child.

Posting a series of pictures on photo sharing site Instagram, Mandy wrote: ''Baby Boy Goldsmith coming early 2021 (sic)''

Mandy and Taylor have been able to spend more time together than ever amid the coronavirus pandemic, as they've both been stuck at home unable to go to work and she feels blessed to be able to have ''unfettered time'' with her spouse.

She said: ''I'm just so grateful that I've been quarantined with someone that I like so much and I've learned so much about. I'm having this unfettered time to spend with my husband at home that I'll never get again ...''But now I really relish it. I love waking up and having my routine, but being open to whatever the day is going to bring. Doesn't mean that we all don't have days where we're frustrated or feel a little bit more anxious, but I've tried to give myself the grace that I'd give other people way more easily.''