Mandy Moore performed her OSCAR nominated song 'I See The Light' at last night's ceremony in Los Angeles.
MANDY MOORE, the American singer and actress, performed the song 'I See The Light' from the Disney movie 'Tangled' at the 83rd Academy Awards yesterday. She was joined by co-star Zachary Levi and ALAN MENCKEN on piano, reports the Los Angeles Times.Speaking before the ceremony, Moore explained her love-hate relationship with romantic comedies. In recent years she has starred in 'Because I Said So', 'License to Wed' and 'Dedication' and the 26-year-old said, "As a girl, a quintessential girl, I love those films, but as an actress ... I feel like I've definitely exhausted the romantic comedy genre for now". Moore was praised for her choice of dress, donning a sequinned Monique L'Hullier gown, which she said was the first that she'd tried on. The actress was joined on stage by her 'Tangled' co-star ZACHARY LEVI, who told the Washington Post that he was feeling confident "until about two minutes before the show".
MANDY MOORE's 'I See The Light' eventually lost out in the 'Best Song' category to Randy Newman's 'We Belong Together', from the acclaimed animated movie 'Toy Story 3'.