Mandy Moore is a "wannabe beauty editor".

The 'This Is Us' star loves to play around with new beauty products and learn about skincare so much that she'd love to write about the industry for a living.

She told The Cut: "I feel like in my heart, I’m a wannabe beauty editor. I love all the lotions and potions and gadgets and fun things. I love learning about them and sometimes acquiring them and maybe using them once or twice, but not necessarily having them become a part of my regular routine."

However, Mandy prefers to read about beauty tips from other people and experiments with the products to see if it works on her skin, too.

She added: "I’m terrible at that stuff. This is the kind of thing that I love to read from other people, and then I steal those tips. I love those fun things to spritz on — something to put on your face before you leave the house, so your face doesn’t look too done. Like, an essential oil or a scented water. I usually do a rose water."

The 37-year-old actress swears by coconut oil to help combat a number of skincare concerns thanks to its multifunctional properties.

She explained: "I love a good coconut oil. I feel like it’s multifunction and multipurpose. You can use it to remove makeup. I have some sitting on my counter, right by my hand soap, and when I get out of the shower I put it on. My cats are obsessed with it. I don’t think they’re supposed to eat it, but they will follow me into the shower because they know when the shower is done, the coconut oil comes."

And Mandy has learned to go "back to basics" during the pandemic as she is more "comfortable" without the glam.

She said: "Before COVID, I would break my neck to get eyelash extensions and get my nails done and my eyebrows done. In the last year, everything has been pared down. I’ve realized that maybe I liked to keep myself busier than needed. I’m actually much more comfortable stripping all of that away, and just going back to the basics. I kept that philosophy throughout pregnancy and postpartum, and I’m gonna carry that with me for the foreseeable future."