Mandy Moore and her husband Taylor Goldsmith have grown ''closer'' thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

The 'This Is Us' star and the Dawes frontman have been spending more time together than usual amid the global health crisis as they've both been staying inside and following social distancing guidelines.

And in a post praising Mandy on her 36th birthday, Taylor has revealed the quarantine rules have helped them ''to love each other more''.

He wrote on Instagram: ''April 10th. The birthday of the most incredible human being on the planet. These weird times have been challenges for all of us, but only she could turn it into an opportunity to get closer, to learn new things, to love each other more. To say I'm grateful would be the understatement of my life. Happy birthday @mandymooremm, I promise I'll change out of sweats someday. (sic)''

But one thing that may be getting on the pairs nerves during self-isolation is their pet cat Figaro, as Mandy recently revealed the pussy loves to mewl whenever she or Taylor, 34, sings around the house.

Mandy claimed Figaro only began the strange behaviour after a visit to a pet psychic, who told the couple to rename the cat to the musical moniker, which comes from the Mozart opera 'The Marriage of Figaro'.

She said: ''One of the last times I was on the show we talked about Fig, our cat who had to have his name changed because he was freaking ... it's a very long story - we talked to a pet psychic, she told us that we needed to change his name to Figaro.

''And he does ... truly anytime I start singing or Taylor sings, especially when we harmonise ... he could be on the other side of the house fast asleep, and it's like, suddenly he's up on the piano with us. And he sings! I mean, he meows.''