Review of Mean Everything To Nothing Album by Manchester Orchestra

Review of Manchester Orchestra's second album 'Mean Everything To Nothing' released through Columbia Records.

Manchester Orchestra Mean Everything To Nothing Album

Tremendously great. Critics often talk about 'the bands to watch' and 'the bands who have talent to go all the way', 'Mean Everything To Nothing' is the album all those critics are desperate to find. Lead singer Andy Hull is the groups main protagonist, as well as the music Hull has released with his band mates in Manchester Orchestra, he's also penned two solo albums under the guise of Right Away Great Captain, (If you haven't checked out his last album 'The Eventually Home' do so!)

Mean Everything To Nothing is a definite positive development from their debut album 'I'm Like A Virgin Losing A Child', it was well written but at times it could be said it was a little too under produced. Here the band seem to have honed their sound and added a truck load of gutsy guitars - all for the better. The production from Joe Chicarrelli (The Shins, My Morning Jacket) ties everything together nicely. The band showcase everything from an elegant musical imagination to their raw talent. Each song could quite easily be stripped down and turned into an acoustic gem, similar to the skill Mr Dave Grohl has perfected. To name possible bands Manchester Orchestra are in competition with, Foo Fighters come the closest - you could even through a bit of Biffy Clyro in for good measure - what remains very clear is Andy Hull's ability to convey such honesty in his lyrics to the listener. It's quite clear Manchester Orchestra are one of the best and brightest new rock bands to leave America's shores in the past ten years.


Mike Rea

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