Trophy Wife, the new sitcom starring Malin Akerman, premiered on ABC on Tuesday to a wave of fanfare from critics. The American actress plays Kate Harrison, who finds being the third wife of Pete (Bradley Whitford) complicated by the presence of his ex-wives and stepchildren. 

Trophy WifeMalin Akerman [Center] And The Cast of 'Trophy Wife'

In her review, Newsday's Diane Werts noted how Trophy Wife is almost entirely focused on the 38-year-old. "Akerman has to be everything. Good thing she's a nimble actress.... Whitford is always winning, and even the poor exes find wiggle room inside their cliches," she said.

Slate's Willa Paskin agreed, writing in a reasonably positive review, "Trophy Wife is nominally about a marriage, but if its very polished and sure-handed pilot is any indication, it is just as focused on Kate's dynamic with Pete's ex-wives."

Glenn Garvin of the Miami Herald wrote, "Akerman has wit and style, and so does the show," while Matthew Gilbert of the Boston Herald said, "Akerman is perfect for the role.... Whitford is low-key and wry, and Harden makes a great heavy. She uses her silky voice and her stiff posture to torment Kate, making even stock material fly."

However, it wasn't all good news for ABC, with Ed Barky pouring icy cold water on any of the obvious comparisons, "It's not nearly in [Modern Family's] league, though--at least not now and likely not ever," he wrote, "Still, Akerman is reason enough to buy in for at least a few episodes."

Watch the Trophy Wife trailer:

At the bottom of the barrel was Neil Genzlinger's review for the New York Times, who bluntly opined, "Trophy Wife is forced-frivolity mush."

Trophy Wife is written and produced by the American comedienne Sarah Haskins. The jury's out, though this one could be worth watching for Akerman alone.

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