Malika Haqq almost didn't have a baby shower, after becoming overwhelmed at the size of her guest list.

The 37-year-old reality star welcomed her son Ace - whom she has with her ex-boyfriend O.T. Genasis - in March and celebrated his impending arrival at the start of this year with a beautiful baby shower complete with giant teddy bear sculptures and a wall of balloons.

But in Thursday's (17.09.20) episode of 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' - which was filmed before Malika gave birth - the beauty told her best friend Khloe Kardashian that she was ''five seconds from not wanting'' a shower at all.

Malika confessed she had 55 people coming to her shower, and after Khloe questioned the size of her guest list, the star broke down in tears.

She said: ''I mean, I'm five seconds from not wanting a f****** shower anyways. Planning and who can come and who can't come ... that's really f****** annoying to me. It's not what Malika wants it to be, it's becoming what everyone else wants it to be.''

In a confessional afterwards, Khloe then said: ''For Malika to say she's so frustrated she doesn't even want a shower anymore, that's really disappointing to me. I know she would regret it so much if she did not have a shower.''

Khloe, 36, then deduced Malika's frustration may not be with the baby shower itself, but her relationship with her son's father, O.T.

She added: ''I know that Malika bursting into tears has nothing to do with Khadijah or myself. We can imagine that it has something to do with O.T. It's something deeper than us.

''I definitely empathise with her. I just want her to always feel reassured that I'm there for her.''

Nevertheless, Malika eventually had her baby shower, which was planned by Khloe.

During the party, Malika delivered an emotional speech in which she publicly confirmed the identity of her baby's father, after originally keeping it a secret.

She said at the time: ''I'm incredibly thankful to Odis Flores for my little boy.''